Leta Blake:

For a long time I wanted to dislike her for very valid reasons, at this point, though, I find I just can’t. I give in to the liking of her.

Originally posted on TED Blog:


At the end of a Kickstarter backer party in Berlin, Amanda Palmer stripped and let everyone draw on her. “If you want to experience the visceral feeling of trusting strangers, I’d recommend this.” Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Amanda Fucking Palmer wants us to re-think how we think about paying for music.

She is known for her music, first as half of the Dresden Dolls, now as a solo artist. But for 5 years after graduating, Palmer made her living as a living statue called the Eight Foot Bride. (“Everyone always wanted to know, ‘Who are these people in real life?’ Hello!”) When a stranger gave her money, she gave them a flower and extreme eye contact. This allowed a remarkable connection with people — especially lonely people, who felt no one ever saw them. She was, of course, yelled at from passing cars: “Get a job!” As if what…

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  1. zwischendenstuehlen
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 15:42:33

    I don’t want to annoy you, and for sure I absolutely don’t want to judge you, I just got very curious when I read your comment: why did you want to dislike her in the first place?


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