Dear Jay Brannan’s Fan Named Kim and All Of Her Drunken Friends,

I understand that you love Jay Brannan. I do. Heck, I love Jay Brannan, too. I understand that his music moves you. His music moves me, too. Luckily, though, his music doesn’t move me to get obnoxiously drunk, scream loud things throughout his set, crash his songs in the middle by trying to give him beers, or to sing along really loudly like I got confused, forgot they were singer-song-writer songs, and thought they were rousing pub tunes or something. Nope, his music just doesn’t move me like that. And I wish it hadn’t moved you like that, either.

Thanks for making the night a mess of second hand embarrassment, amazement, and anger. Believe it or not, I came to hear Jay Brannan, and paid money for that privilege. I didn’t come to see you misbehave and hear you and your friends sing. Okay, fine, I admit it. It was entertaining in a horrifying way that can only be described as oddly affirming. As in, I might not be the most awesome human in the world, but I am not so wretched as all that. And, Kim, seriously, honey, that’s not that kind of life affirming that you want to be to people. It’s just sad. Do better. Be better. I believe in you.


Leta Blake, who wishes you well


Because I was traveling to Nashville after I got off from work, I missed the first opening act and I was only there for most of the second opening act–a guy named Jesse Ruben who had some fine enough songs, but also seemed to suffer from ‘nice guy’ syndrome and possibly wanted to pick up geeky-hot girls (or boys, maybe) by throwing out his emotional investment in everyone worldwide reading Harry Potter and The Hunger Games? Which I found charming if rather transparent? Um, I might’ve been paying more attention to his persona than his music. He was kinda cracking me up with his pretty blatant appeals for someone (though not necessarily someone in Nashville, mind you) to give him a good college try. And I’m not talking about trying his music. But he was all right. And not bad to look at. That’s always a plus. See?



Now, on to the main event.

Jay Brannan was delightful and classy given the antics of Kim and Her Drunken Friends. His voice was on point, his anecdotes funny, and his attitude good given the circumstances.

I don’t want to dwell on the negative, but I will say that his set list left a bit to be desired.  In case he’s out there reading this–Jay, the Brendan story is awesome, the song is…not the best for a live show, especially when psycho Kim is making a ton of noise with her table full of beer bottles and drunk friends.

And, seriously, “‘Denmark’ or ‘Greatest Hits'” should never be words that come out of your mouth. Thank you for playing both of them. No one should be made to choose. That’s just cruel. They were lovely and only marred by Kim’s sing-along gang. Somehow I just couldn’t get past the inebriated and misplaced enthusiasm they had when singing the lyrics, “A punch in the gut, some black ’round the eye, there’s red from my lips, and I’m asking God why.” You, however, were flawless.


I did not take this photo. I have no idea who did. It was not from the Nashville show.  

Now for an annoyingly entitled proposed future set list for Mr. Brannan:

Everywhere There’s Statues
Can’t Have It All

Video Games (cover)

Spanglish Song
La La La
Ever After Happily or Bowlegged and Starving (if you have a piano)
Rob Me Blind

Super Bass (cover)

At First Sight
Greatest Hits
The State of Music

As for whether or not I recommend going to see a Jay Brannan show, I have to say yes. Because Kim probably won’t be at your show to ruin it for you. Also, buy stuff from him. Guy needs money so that he can eat more sandwiches before he wastes away to nothing. Bruises not withstanding, Mr. Brannan.

Go forth and buy Jay Brannan’s music! And watch him on YouTube, too!

8 thoughts on “Performance: Jay Brannan in Nashville 2012

  1. Omigod, I am so sorry Kim and her band of Vandals ruined Jay’s show. Surely something could have been done about them, such as calling the cops and hauling their asses out of there? Paying to attend an event shouldn’t entitle all sorts of obnoxious behavior.

    I shall certainly keep an eye out for a performance here by Mr. Brannan. Love him! njs

    1. Hmm, it was a divey club/bar, so I don’t think anyone really thought they were necessarily overly misbehaving? Not to mention, if they’d been kicked out, about 1/4 of the ‘crowd’ would’ve been gouged out immediately. Also, rumor has it, despite me saying that Kim wouldn’t be there to ruin your show, apparently he has a lot of jerks for fans, and this kind of behavior is not uncommon? I’m not sure what the poor boy has done to garner more than one of this kind of negative-attention-is-still-good-attention-because-I’m-trying-to-get-you-to-pay-attention fan, but, as I said, rumor has it that it is a problem in other places, too. If you do get a chance to see him in your area, go and report back! Let me know if his fans are dick bags where you are, too. 🙂

  2. Gah, So sorry it was spoiled in such a manner. You are much more gracious than I could ever have been in that situation. Kim has no idea how lucky she was. Too bad his chosen songs weren’t what you really wanted to hear, and I have to say I would be bummed if he didn’t play at least Rob Me Blind and Goddamned. But, still, JAY BRANNAN!

    1. He did play Rob Me Blind! In fact, he played a number of things from my entitled and annoying set list above, but he also played things that…no. Just no. Too boring and too slow for the vibe. Hilariously, he played this one song that was so entirely not fitting for a live show, or at least this particular live show, and I was like, “Hmm, maybe this is an attempt to drive Kim et al out of the club in boredom?” And then, when it was over, some dude from Kim’s group yelled, “WHOOOOOOOO!!!” Like it was the number one song he’d been waiting for all night. (He’d also sang along to parts of it. *stabs eardrums*)

  3. How utterly annoying to have a show ruined by such a tawdry group of miscreants! No artist deserves that, especially not Jay Brannan! I liked listening to the songs you posted a while ago. He seems like a sweet guy who should not have to put up with fans like Kim and her Drunken Friends.

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