Nisha-Anne D’Souza has written a lovely entry for Darker Temptations on Paranormal Dating. It’s titled Red Pearls And Black Sand and it is just lovely. If you have a few minutes to indulge in something nice, have a look! 🙂

Darker Temptations

Calling Pomegranate

The moment Keira and Leta mentioned to me the idea of writing the ideal paranormal date, my heart leapt. Mostly with joy because I’ll take any opportunity to indulge my old love of Greek mythology. The Hades and Persephone myth has always been my favourite so naturally this is where my imagination went first.


Red Pearls And Black Sand— An Alternate Take

When the kids are put to bed, we go walking through your world of black sand and grey skies, along the low stone wall, passing the wandering shades. Our big shaggy black dog pads beside you, his shadow splitting into three on the shifting sands. Your fingers loop around my wrist in that odd almost delicate way, even now after all these years when the shyness grips you again. And I feel the smile tipping my mouth in the dim silver light.

Sometimes you bring the motorcycle…

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