There are different kinds of fans in this world, obviously. This is a fanwork (more like gorgeous, heartstopping, fanart) by someone who clearly deeply loves The Weepies. Or, at the very least, this song by The Weepies.

To quote the artist, Ryan Woodward, from his site:

For the past 15 years, most of my artwork has been viewed in a commercial venue…Hollywood. This project, an exhibition of figurative works and experimental animation, leaves behind my traditional artistic preferences of the narrative and enters the realm of individual interpretation.

I think what I’m reacting to in his creation, and which rings true to me with fanworks in general, is that he has left behind a commercial venue for his work, turning instead to the ‘realm of individual interpration’. So much of fanwork is about taking what was once commercial and appropriating it for oneself in an individual way, putting one’s own experiences and interpretations onto it.

I doubt that this artist would necessarily see his piece as a fanwork, but I do. And since this is my blog, let’s say it is. Whatever your thoughts on whether it qualifies as a fanwork, it is beautiful. Do watch it.

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