Yes, I know that it says 2011 and it’s 2012, but the fanartist, Hoodsun, made it last year. So, just ignore the date and admire the utter perfection of this in all other ways.

So, I couldn’t really couldn’t find what I was looking for–a Last Airbender fanvideo with a song that I loved to use on Friday. But the fanvideos I did find for The Last Airbender were so cute, I decided to share them anyway. I was surprised by the sheer number of Christmas videos for The Last Airbender, too, given that there is no canonical Christmas on the show itself.

A cute Aang/Katara video with some nice fanart in the mix. Santa, don’t you know that Aang only has eyes for Katara?

This seems like a very legitimate representation of what Christmas would be like for Zuko.

And an Avatar in an iceberg!

A nice selection of fanart.


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