My favorite traditional song by a number of folks, though none of them as good as this local performance I saw when I was about 16 years old that dissolved me into tears. That was one amazing pair of pipes on that woman. I’ve never heard the like again.

According to Donna Summer, the world was in sin and error whining. I’m down with that.

Shush, David Archuleta is made of tiny magic, okay?


Rhiannon from Carolina Chocolate Drops

This isn’t really my preferred style of singing, but I for some reason I couldn’t stop listening until it was over.

And a live Sufjan Stevens sing-a-long from a few nights ago. Very charming until the noise of the end overpowers the microphone on the recording device.

You can find any of these artists except the mom and daughter on Amazon, okay? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by life, so please feel free to look them up there. *shifty eyes* Sorry! This is a link to Amazon! Use it well!

4 thoughts on “28 Days of Holiday Music: Day 11: O Holy Night (Variations)

  1. What a wonderful collection! Nat King Cole sounds wonderful. And I love David Archuleta’s whole Christmas album as well as his 6 tracks as guest artist with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on their Glad Christmas Tidings CD and DVD. Elder Archuleta is currently on a 2-year church mission in South America. He sang O Holy Night in Spanish at the mission’s recent Concierto Navidad performances. I look forward to 2014 when that “tiny magic” returns.

    1. Ah, yes, his mission trip. South America, too. What a great place to go on a mission. I always feel for those poor little Mormon boys who get sent to, like, Delaware. How boring. 😛

  2. O Holy Night is my very favourite Christmas song too. And for me, no-one sings it with as much emotion and meaning and power than David Archuleta. His live performances of it just keep getting better and better – if that’s even possible? His range and strength and technical prowess has continued to improve since American Idol and since he released his Christmas From The Heart album. You should check out some of his live performance videos. 😀

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