Available now through Ellora’s Cave!

Today’s the day! Book Two in Keira’s and my Tempting Tales series is available at Ellora’s Cave! You can buy it HERE and it will be available shortly at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, Sony and more! I’ll keep you in the loop as to availability at third-party retailers.


Based on Jack & the Beanstalk, Ascending Hearts is at turns angsty, romantic, sexy and hopeful.

Rumors of treasure have long sent fortune hunters clambering up a magic beanstalk to a mysterious castle in the clouds. Survivors told of an evil giant who guards the gold with savage strength. No sane man would dare risk the climb—but Jack has nothing left to lose. Shunned for his evil red hair and abandoned by his cruel lover, he’s desperate to escape his life.

Rion isn’t a giant, only a man bearing the burden of protecting his family’s legacy. It’s a lonely existence, but he’s duty bound. Then Jack appears, and Rion’s world changes. After a blazing confrontation, undeniable lust sparks. Isolated in the clouds, Jack and Rion give in to their desire and growing connection. Soon they must protect the treasure—and each other—from a new threat. And they have everything to lose.


You can buy Book One in the series, Earthly Desires, an erotic m/m fairy tale based on The Light Princess, at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, All Romance eBooks, and more!

And, again,  you can buy Book Two,  Ascending Hearts at Ellora’s Cave starting today! What a great way to kick off the New Year!

10 thoughts on “Release Day Is Here! Ascending Hearts Available!

  1. Congrats to you both! What a great way to start the new year! Happy new year too btw! 😀

    I’m still on my hols and having a lazy day (recuperating from Hogmanay!), so am getting a copy asap and putting my feet up for a wee while. Hugs!

    1. I would love to hear all about Hogmanay when you have the energy to shoot me an email. It sounds pretty cool!

      Keira and I hope you like the book! *twirls you* Yay! Happy New Year!

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