Festivids is an annual fanvidding festival which always delivers a variety of fun, thought provoking, entertaining, intense, emotional vids. Today I’d like to highlight my favorite one of the year. This multifandom feat by Anonymous. (Names are revealed later in the process after everyone has the chance to view the vids without preconceived notions based on past associations with the vidders.)

This particular vid is multifandom and, more importantly, meta–which are always my favorite kind of vids. In this case, Florence is a representational stand-in for fans, and that is used to great effect to show the power that good storytelling via movies and television can drive fans into frenzies of emotion.

I think it is absolutely work the small difficulties of having to click through to the link–here have it again–and type in the password to view. It’s absolutely lovely and features a wide variety of shows and movies.


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