Not too long ago I came across a little project by Kyle Cassidy called Where I Write. It’s a beautiful and interesting photo essay on where Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors do their writing.

I started imaginging a future where someone might ask me in all earnest interest where I do my writing. And maybe want to take a picture of me in it. (Hahaha, let’s all snorfle at the probability of that future.) But…well, the answer to the question, for the most part, is a bit odd. I’m not sure how many other people write in the location I generally do my writing.

Let me show a picture of a similar location if not my exact one.


That’s right. I write in my bathtub. Yes. It’s true. And, yes, I put water in, but not as much as when I’m taking a bath, just enough to keep warm. And, no, I’m not worried about dropping my computer in. And, NO, I am not an idiot–it isn’t plugged into an outlet. And, yes, that means I’m usually naked. Now, how’s that for an image?

All of this came to a head recently when I hired a babysitter to watch my kiddo on every other Saturday in order to get in some extra writing time. Obviously, it would be very odd to write in the bathroom the whole time she’s here. And it’s kind of the only truly serviceable bathroom in the house for various reasons, so it wouldn’t do to hog it with my naked self the whole time she’s here. Which means I had to figure out a new place to write. I’m still not sure if I’ve found a satisfactory one.

At the moment, I waffle between writing in my bedroom with the door shut and white noise makers on, or going to my office and writing there. I’m not sure which I find most inspiring or helpful. I dislike losing the travel time when going to the office, but when I’m home I can’t help but “parent” from a distance. It’s hard to let that role go.

Anyway, I’m trying to find a new writing space that works as well as my beloved bathtub. Wish me luck.


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