The only kind of silver fish I’m able to deal with seeing even in a picture. Vintage postcard courtesy of Vintage Travel Postcards at Blogspot.

Almost everyone has some kind of creepy-crawly they react to irrationally. For my mother-in-law it is all insects and arachnids and most varmints, too. For my daughter, it seems to be spiders that set her off. My husband gets the heebie-jeebies from camel crickets. Whereas for me? It’s silverfish. *shudders* I hate them. Ugh. Show me a spider and I’m unimpressed, but show me a freaking silverfish and I’m irrational. “Get it out, get it away, ugh, ugh, ugh!”

This post is brought to you by a silverfish in my bathtub this morning. That sucker has now been sent on a merry journey down the drain to the sewer where he can make gross, horrible, shudder-worthy friends far from me.

In other news, I saw these pretty vintage postcards when looking for a picture of silver fish (not silverfish–which I won’t post a picture of, because, ew! who wants to see that?).

Found at Vintage Travel Postcards.
Betty Frazee drinks a Coke underwater for a Silver Springs, FL vintage postcard. Found at Vintage Travel Postcards at Blogspot

Do you have any creepy-crawlies you can’t handle?

One thought on “Silver Fish & Silverfish Not At All The Same

  1. I just can’t stand flying creepy things. Wasps, bees, etc. – hate them. I mean, I appreciate the ecological contribution of bees, but I prefer to appreciate it from afar.

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