I have read some very bizarre (though interesting) sex blog/advice today while researching some sex scenes. I figured I’d share the goods with you.

1. This one is a straight guy talking about how if you want to really get a lady hot for you, then you should NEVER have an orgasm the first time you have sex with her, and maybe not even the second because then she will be very aware that you did not come and want to work that much harder next time to get you to orgasm.

As a woman, I find this advice very bizarre. If I had sex with a man and he didn’t orgasm, I admit–fair or not–it’d be a pretty big blow to my self-esteem. (Which, given that the link above is to the Pick-Up Artist site, which is all about neg hits, is probably what they are going for. But, uh, at what cost? Dude, do you really want to pass up an orgasm on the chance that by not coming she’s gonna wanna hit that again in hopes of proving she’s got what it takes to make you shoot? Really?) And I’d most likely not want to have sex with the guy again unless I was already in a relationship with him and I felt like it was just an off night for some reason. If it was a first time sex act, I’d be convinced I wasn’t his cuppa and probably just really want to have sex with someone else who did get off with me so I’d feel like I wasn’t somehow awful in bed. [BTW, not everything in that guy’s post is a bad idea. *cough* Okay? Okay. And, yes, I will see a therapist pronto about my sexual hang-ups and insecurities, thank you for your concern.]

Or so Power Bottom explains to us at length in his lovely post.

2. This post is written by a male power bottom, and while I found all of his descriptions of and information about anal sex from his point of view very helpful and informative, I found his comments about why anal sex is better than vaginal sex pretty amusing. I am quite sure that for some men anal is better than vaginal. I’m also quite sure, based on the last, oh, ten years of sex research on the internet, that for some men vaginal is better. And some men like both pretty equally just for different occasions. And some men are gay and don’t want anal at all! And some men are straight and despite having access to a workable anus if they wanted, also don’t want anal at all! It was just kinda amusing to see this guy basically be like, “Oh, yeah, all you guys who like girl parts, you are so wrong and should really come fuck me now, okay?” I am sure some bisexual guys will happily take him up on it and some will happily tell him that, yes, his ass is much better than their ex-girlfriend’s vagina. And other guys are just gonna stick with what they like, aka girl parts, and never take him up on his suggestions. And that’s okay!

3. And this man describes in detail what it feels like to fuck a girl. Also, to the author of two above, he mentions that while he likes fucking ass, he prefers the vagina. Some men just do, okay? Don’t worry, though, Power Bottom, plenty of guys will happily fuck your butt, I’m sure. Anyway, it’s an interesting description. Might as well read it.

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