So, most of these are probably going to consist of travel wishes, I realize. I mean, I’m almost forty and haven’t left North America! I’ve had plans to do so several times, but then things happened, as they do, and the plans fell through.

But, yes, one day, before I die, I’d like to vacation in the South of France. And any of these villas will do for a place to stay. I’m not too picky. Heh.



2 thoughts on “6 – Twenty Five Things Tuesday: South of France

  1. Nice choice of villas. Isn’t it true that something like 40% of Americans haven’t been out of the States. Interestingly, the French tend to holiday in France – why go any where else.( unless it’s Italy, of course):)

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised at that percentage, though I have to say I’m one of the only people I personally know who has not traveled outside of North America. I’ve traveled to Mexico, the British Virgin Islands, and several places in Canada, but never to another continent. 🙂

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