First, on the list of things I apparently will never do again in my life–which, ha, really should be a whole other set of posts, because there are plenty of things I’ll never do again–I will apparently (and sadly) never be able to sit in the bar of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco and get deliciously drunk while staring at this picture over the bar.

The Pied Piper by Maxfield Parrish at The Palace Hotel.

The Palace Hotel has removed the icon from it’s place over the bar. To quote: The hotel said the painting was being sold because “it is no longer practical for the hotel to display, an original work of this value and cultural signifcance, in a public area.”

Wait, wait, wait! Hold the presses! As I was searching for the picture to go with the above, I found out that there was such public outcry that the hotel has decided not to sell the painting after all. Awesome news!!! I sure hope they put it back where it was. Getting drunk while staring at that painting is one of my fondest memories. So fond, I did it twice and had decided it would be worth the migraine to do it a third time.

Click to see the bigger file. No photo can truly capture it, though.
Click to see the bigger file. No photo can truly capture it, though.

So, I officially change this post back to the original topic of Twenty Five Things I want to do/accomplish before my eventual (hopefully far away) death. I want to get drunk staring at this mural again. Preferably in the Palace Hotel in the company of my husband and my dear, dear friend. The same dear friend my husband and I got drunk with the first two times, because, God, I haven’t seen her in forever. Heh. That should be another post in this series. It could be a series of posts. Friends I want to see again before I die (with my death being, hopefully, a long time from now, and the seeing their faces a short time from now).

Regardless! Thing Seven! Get drunk in front of the Pied Piper! Again!


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