So,  I almost always have songs that become a kind of soundtrack to any book or novel that I write. In the case of Love’s Nest, there were quite a few songs and I decided to make a little series with some of the songs just for fun.

The following set of songs were part of the inspiration behind the visual world-building. There are a lot of avian aspects to the world of Love’s Nest and songs that made me think of flight or birds were all played together when working out scenes of fairyland description. Also, of course, anything that made me think of fairy tales or magic.


The Supine by Andrew Bird


Your Bones by Of Monsters and Men


Such A Common Bird by Ane Brun

*ETA Some songs do story-hop and can be used as inspiration in more than one story/book in my life, but some songs get so ingrained as being part of that particular book that I can’t hear them without being sucked into that universe all over again and they absolutely can’t be used in a soundtrack for another book.  It’s weird. Am I the only one like this? Let me know if you do this kind of thing, too!

Don’t forget! August 16th is the last day to comment to win for a free copy of Love’s Nest!

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