I am not certain because Tumblr is sometimes confusing with attributions, but I think this art is by drragons.

Allison has really become one of my favorites and a truly kick-ass heroine in so many ways. Any flaws she has I attribute to Jeff Davis and his lack of skills in storytelling, not to the character herself. I don’t usually do that, but when it comes to Jeff Davis, I do. The guy can’t write his way out of a paperbag…that he wrote himself into. But I still love the show. Though Jeff thinks emotional continuity (or continuity of any kind) is for losers, apparently. Whatever, whatever, watch this gorgeous vid below by Gabbi. If Allison isn’t enough of a draw for you, it’s also got Stiles. And who doesn’t love Stiles? The end.

I’m Not a Hero by Gabi
(Stiles + Allison, but not Stiles/Allison)

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