In today’s world, somewhere between 50 Shades and Twilight and One Direction and Teen Wolf, almost everyone has at least heard of fanfiction. The consensus opinion on fanfiction still seems like a hung jury with many thinking that fanfiction is drivel, brainless, idiotic, a waste of time and potential, and many other things. Others point out that fanfiction is not only okay but that many works of literature qualify as fanfiction. Just like any other kind of writing, some fanfiction is awful and some is okay and some is sublime.

Today, I’m not offering up a slice of sublime, but I think that this story by fairy_tale_echo is definitely not drivel. Over the last few years, I’ve been reading all of Beverly Cleary’s Ramona Quimby books to my daughter, and when I saw this offering back in 2010, I made note of it. Having read it a few times now, I feel like it is a fitting tribute to the Ramona Series and I recommend it to those who might be interested or simply curious.


Ramona’s Law of Reciprocal Actions


There is nothing Ramona Quimby hates more than doing what is expected of her. (Ramona Quimby, Age 17)

Ramona Quimby is seventeen years old, a graffiti artist who tags the streets of Portland as “Q” and idolizes Banksy, an honor student secretly crushing on the captain of the football team who also happens to be her current tutee, and she is standing over one of her best friends and holding a pair of scissors. 

Oh, how long she has dreamed of this, this exact moment.  She never thought it would happen, but here she is, standing over Susan with a pair of scissors, about to take one of Susan’s fat curls in her hand and snip it off.

The sound “Boing-boing-boing!” rings out in her head like it has since that first day of kindergarten so many years ago when she had seen Susan for the first time.

She picks up a curl and before Susan can even whisper, “I don’t think my mother…” Ramona snips it off.  She hears Daisy’s indrawn gasp and Davy’s small clap a split second later.

“It’s your hair, Susan, not your mother’s.  And you’re seventeen, not seven.  She can’t boss everything you do,” Ramona says firmly, grabbing another curl and clipping again.

It is better than the boings.


Finish reading the story HERE.

And while we’re at it, here, have this great song by the band Vandaveer, also inspired by Ramona Quimby.

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