I was looking for something altogether different when I found this link:

The Search for Treasure.

It contains an allegory that was just what I needed to read at just the right moment. It’s absolutely beautiful. See if it touches you, too.


To quote:

The deeper she would dig, the easier it became to see the treasure, and the more detailed her perspective of its infinite beauty grew. In the early years, she had no idea there was so much treasure to find. With the new knowledge of abundance, she no longer felt an urgency to dig so quickly. Instead, she chose to enjoy each new nugget as it surfaced. She was pleased to find less dirt under her nails, and fewer scrapes and scratches on her arms and hands, although the scars from past wounds reminded her to dig carefully and to try not to throw dirt at people.

She learned to take breaks when the digging got really hard. She knew she could rest because she was confident that the treasure wasn’t going anywhere — no one could possibly steal it. So she sat back next to the hole, breathing and taking in the view around her. It turned out she had chosen an amazing digging site: there was a stunning landscape of trees and mountains and birds and beautiful, beautiful people all around her. She suddenly realized that all of these things had always been there; she just hadn’t taken the time notice them when she had been solely focused on her own digging. It also became apparent that her treasure was connected underground to the treasure of all of the people who were digging around her. There was no need to grab at it or try to stuff it in her pockets – its beauty was much more staggering when it remained connected to everyone else’s. Her job was simply to uncover her piece for everyone else to see.


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