4 thoughts on “Visualizing The Rifter Series (Part One) #ginnhale #ravishan

  1. I imagine the top one is Jath’ibaye riding a storm wind. Sigh. I can barely look at it. It’s like looking into the sun. Too much.

    ❤ Ravishan ❤

    Will there be more with Saimura pics too? 😀

    1. Yes, I hope to make a second one that will post in October. I haven’t actually take the time to put it together, though. My friend Anne-Marie has been putting some pics up with quotes on Pinterest and I want to get her permission to use those. As for Saimura, yes, I’ve got a model in mind, but he’s not perfect. He’ll do, though. The main reason I find him not perfect is because he is also the model in my mind for two other characters (not in Rifter, but other books), so he’s versatile, I guess!

  2. Reblogged this on Live Your Life, Buy The Book and commented:
    Loved the whole Rifter experience. The books were amaXing!! But the whole trip, with having to wait for each installment, just added another dimension! The visualiasations of the characters are just wonderful!! Love them xx

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