S.L. Armstrong

I get sent a lot of author bios. 🙂 Some are short and sweet, some are a page long. Very rarely do I see a bio that is 100% spot on for what I–as a reader–would like to see.

Bios, in my opinion, should not exceed 15 sentences. That means three paragraphs of five sentences each. And I don’t mean 82-word sentences, either. I like to cap bios at 300 words, but even that tends to be excessive. There is very little information actually needed in a bio. Keeping it tight, concise, and to the point is key. My current bio is wordy and in need of an overhaul, which I plan to do soon.

What should be in your bio?

Your name (pen name, real name, whatever). Where you were born and/or where you currently live. A little background on your writing expertise/history. Any awards you were nominated for…

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