sliced potatoes

So, not-so-excellent sources tell me that potatoes are good for reducing inflammation in skin and for acne. They are perhaps best known for getting rid of warts. I have not read anywhere, however, about using them on rosacea. So! What do I have to lose? I already look like a crazy clown half the time. See below. That’s my actual cheek right now. No make-up. Yes, I know.


I went home today for lunch and put raw potato on my cheeks and then added coconut oil over it to soothe. I’ve read mixed reports on the effectiveness of coconut oil on rosacea, but, again, what do I have to lose? At least it doesn’t burn or itch like so many other things doctors have recommended for my face.

Yes, I’ve seen a dermatologist. Yes, I’ve tried MANY medications. Yes, I’d be open to trying new medications. So, fill me in on your latest and greatest if you’ve got some.

By the way, this was my no-make-up skin before rosacea. It’s also about eight years old, because that’s how far back I have to go to find pre-rosacea pictures.

I know I’ll never have skin like that again–so lovely! so smooth! so pale!–but I’d love to not look like a crazy clown or a drunk. I don’t even drink anymore (because of migraines). Oh, woe. Face. Face, face, face. Why have you betrayed me so?

Here’s a face shot of what I look like today. To be entirely fair, my rosacea is super flared up right now, and most of the time it calmer than this, but why don’t I just go for the gold here and show my face at its worse?


Anyway, I’ll keep you in the loop on the potato experiment. I’ll let you know how it goes. Perhaps in a few days I’ll be posting, “OMG DO NOT PUT POTATOES ON ROSACEA!” Or maybe I’ll have made a break-through! At the worst, I’m funding some potato farmers, right?

AND, YES, I HAVE BEEN TO A DERMATOLOGIST! I promise. Many times, even. A lot, one might say. Hopefully you aren’t permanently emotionally scarred by the sight of my face. As for me? I can’t promise that.


5 thoughts on “Got Rosacea? I’ve Got A New Crazy Alternative Treatment To Try! #potatoes #rosacea

  1. I have this too – know what’s worse? When it gets to your eyes. A rare thing, but I’m known for having a habit of the worse case scenario (insert eye roll) …. fingers crossed for you!

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