Potatoes, potahtoes, heal my face with your magical properties, oh, starchy one!


Rosacea several hours after potato and coconut oil experiment. It’s sort of calmed down. I, however, clearly have lost all sense of vanity to be posting this. What with the coconut oil in my hair and my eye looking as though it shall wander off my face, not to mention my somber expression, this is a terrible picture. Oh, well, who cares? (I’d just spotted a cat outside the window who looked lost.) But, yes, so far the experiment seems to be proceeding well. More potato and coconut oil tonight, I say!

To refresh your memory, this is how my skin looked several hours ago. Hmm, maybe I’m the only one who can see a difference in the pictures. My husband and mother both said it looked much calmer after the new crazy-ass treatment. It’s probably the coconut oil over the potato, but who knows? I’m always one for muddying the results of an experiment, so I shall continue to use them together! Onward!



4 thoughts on “The Rosacea and Potatoes Experiment – Update 1 #potatoes #rosacea

  1. Just a thought, but someone in my family suffers from Rosacea too – after some research about hard water, we invested in a water filter for both drinking and bathing and the problem has almost disappeared. If you do live in a hard water area, and there can be lots of heavy metal deposits in hard water, as an experiment, try drinking bottled water for a week and see if it helps 🙂

  2. Hard water, huh? Wonder if a water softener works…..
    There is no cure for rosacea, as we all know – just (possibly) a way to keep it from getting worse

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