So my dear, long-time, wonderful, talented friend, stone_princess, took one for the team (in the best way) and wrote beautiful Rifter Fanfic. Can we get an OMG YESSSSS? Go forth and read and praise and beg for more!

Hard Believer: Jath’ibaye and Kyle’insira’s first time in Vundomo. Canon, in as much as fic can ever be, takes place at the end of chapter 58 of The Rifter. I needed more of them, so I made it myself. Rated E (Erotic).

I’m assuming the title has to do with this song from First Aid Kit, so while I’m pimping out stone_princess’ story, I shall also pimp out this song/band. Have a listen! And go buy!

Someone else loved this song so much they got a tattoo!


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