2 thoughts on “Emotional Bank Accounts – Why Aren’t Teachers Making Deposits? #students #education #teaching

  1. She sounds like my first grade teacher, who in retrospect, I know as a miserable person who suffered from depression. But that didn’t help us as her students. As her students, we suffered. Most of the kids were scared of her. One on my classmates was so scared to ask to use the bathroom that she wet her pants rather
    than risk it.

    I handed in a test one day, and I guess I finished faster than she had planned. She said, “You can’t be finished.” Um, I was. I just handed her the paper. “Well, they better all be right.” I popped off, “They are,” and pranced back to my seat. And they were all right. She sent a note home to my mom that I was being “fresh,” which was terrifying, because my mom is pretty big on respecting teachers and not sassing them, so I expected to get in trouble. My mom read the note, asked me what I said, and fell out of her chair laughing at my “fresh”-ness. I was equal parts scandalized at this blatant disregard for the “rules” and relieved that she took my side.

    All this is to say is that I’m glad Bird has you on her side. That means so much.

  2. What is with second grade teachers? S had a rather awful one last year. Luckily, his third grade teacher seems to genuinely like him and had been giving him the support and encouragement he needs.

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