So, let’s talk about Book Trailers. What’s a Book Trailer? Well, I’m glad you asked. They are like movie trailers, but for books. Let’s look at three, shall we?
Some authors have money behind their book trailers and they get actors and costumes and whoa for their book trailers.


Some authors get fans who love their books so much that they make Book Trailers for them. Lucky authors!


I think this one was made by the author, but I’m not entirely sure.


So, my question is, are Book Trailers worth it? Do they increase visibility and sales? Do people like them? I’m thinking of making a Book Trailer for Training Season. I’ve got a good song, and ideas for pictures and some film, but I’m not sure I spend my time doing that. Oh, marketing! Always such a gamble!
Tell me your thoughts, folks who have done or who like Book Trailers!


One thought on “Book Trailers – What Is Their Purpose? #books #amreading #authors

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