A week ago Friday my daughter got a stomach virus. At the time, we thought it was food poisoning and thought nothing else of it once she was feeling better.

I had planned over a year before to meet my co-writer, Keira Andrews, and some of our mutual friends in North Carolina for a few days. The others were staying for an entire week, but I and another friend were only staying two nights. Well, cue me vomiting the second day I was there.

Texts from my husband proved that he was vomiting, too. It was awful. Terrible. No good. And I hope, hope, hope that I didn’t pass the bug on to my friends. That would just be really not how I want them to remember me.

I made it home feeling a bit tetchy still, but mostly betterish, only to have my mother-in-law and father-in-law come down with the illness, and my daughter to get re-infected or possibly infected with an altogether different sickness. Hubby and I also got sick again.

Finally, Thursday morning I woke up feeling mostly like myself. I still feel a bit rough, and a little weak, but I think I’m going to live. Everyone else seems on the mend, too. Hopefully my friends are still healthy, but I haven’t actually talked to them today.

So, to anyone who commented on my blog or sent me an email or Facebooked me or was expecting me to do something for you? Well, obviously, I haven’t. I’m so sorry. Life takes odd turns. What was supposed to be one day missed from my evil day job has turned into an entire week, and everything else has just fallen by the wayside entirely.

My sincerest apologies! I hope to get caught up soon, but chances aren’t fantastic on that front. I will eventually find my way back to something that looks like normal. Today is probably not that day, though.

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