So, the other day, I noticed that someone who has always read Keira’s and my books added the latest, Love’s Nest, to their to-be-read shelf on Goodreads. That was nice and I’m grateful for that indeed. I hope she does get around to reading it and I very much hope she enjoys it.

I noticed, also, that she commented saying that the book was pricey and that she was giving a lot of thought to how expensive m/m romances are these days. I’m not sure if that is due to her personal situation, like perhaps she doesn’t have as much to spend, or if she’s noticed an increase in price of late or decided the books weren’t worth the expense.

(For the record, as an author, when I go through a press, I don’t get to choose the price of my book.)


Obviously, there is no way to answer those questions, and that’s fine. But it made me think–what is the right price for an m/m romance?

I glanced around the internet and there is a lot of discussion about that very question. But I’m asking you, dear readers, what is that magic number for you? Does it have to do with how long the book is? Does it have to do with genre? I’m going to be putting out a 200 page book in about four months and I’d love to have it priced just right. 

What’s your number? Hit me! And tell me why! Por favor!


2 thoughts on “What’s the Right Price for M/M Romance Books? #mmromance #marketing #amreading

  1. I’ve mentioned this topic on my blog before as well. I feel that a big factor is the “fetishization” of m/m romance. If you compare prices of m/m to m/f, you will see they are much higher overall. In fact, they are on par with fetish porn or erotica. I find this disturbing, to say the least.

    In no other genre does an unknown (or small fan-base) author price their books at $3.99 and up, especially for length ranging from 30k to 50k (tops). It’s kind of ridiculous. I keep most of my books at .99 or 1.99 for this reason. There is research, though, that 2.99 or 3.99 are sort of “magic numbers” in e-book pricing, and so as an experiment I set my last book at 2.99 (so far, no magic 😦 )

    Interestingly, I just read another blog about this today, with a formula:
    might be worth a try?

    1. That blog formula is very interesting and quite helpful. Very cool link. Thank you for providing it. Looking over the m/f books from the press the fairy tales are through, it does seem that those titles are priced the same as their m/m titles. It seems they price on length regardless of author fame or subject matter. I’m not sure how well that is working for them, though. Hard to say. Hmm. Fascinating! Thank you!

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