I was looking up some YouTube fanvids for Roman Wild from the German Soap, Alles was zählt and found this amazing ‘shipper vid for Roman and his main love interest, Deniz. I admit that the color fades at the end were a bit much, but it doesn’t negate the otherwise awesome presentation of the truly fucked up, hot, and tender love between Deniz and Roman. Jeez, I’d forgotten how hot their kisses were. American soaps? Take note. This is how hot man-on-man kisses should be, not that dreary, cardboard you give us!

Also, the perv in me would like to point out the perfect placement of the shower scene to the line “you’ve got a piece of me”. Nicely done, vidder. Nicely done.

One used to be able to view all of Deniz and Roman’s story translated by some wonderful fan volunteers. I’m not sure that’s still available. If a fan knows and reads this post, feel free to enlighten me and others as to where that can be found! 🙂

FWIW, their romance ends tragically, but it’s a German soap, so what were you expecting? Hell, it is a soap, so what were you expecting? 😉 Let’s not talk about trains, okay? I’m still not over it.

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