Okay, so, I’ll admit it. I’m having a hard time transitioning out of Training Season writing mode. The book is nearly done–mostly, almost entirely–and is in someone else’s hands right now. I want to work on ’90s Coming of Age novel…but I can’t seem to move on from TS yet. And while I do want to work on ’90’s COA, I also want to do something absurd and completely useless like, I don’t know, re-watch (or gorge on unwatched) Christian and Olli vids on YouTube.

I don’t remember where I left off watching you two, but I feel like maybe I need to stay up until 5:00 a.m. binge-watching whatever I haven’t seen before. Or maybe I should start at the beginning and watch you fall in love again?

Am I allowed to do that? I mean, really? Can I? I know I can and I’m allowed, but not writing what I “should” be writing definitely makes me feel like I’m wasting precious time. But, then again, maybe this is the refueling rest-stop on the way to actually doing something? I doubt I’d spend more than one or two nights drugging my brain with Christian and Olli.

So, I guess I will. Maybe. I dunno. Sure.

Oh, and I watched like six episodes of DeGrassi with my kid today, which makes me the parent of the year or something (DOUBTFUL, maybe it’s opposite) and I kind of want to spend tomorrow watching a shit-ton more. Someone get me that parent of the year badge. I’ll wait here. FOREVER.


4 thoughts on “Can’t Shake the Last Book Yet #stuck #writerproblems

    1. Christian and Olli! 🙂 I tried to watch their storylines after I walked away ages ago, but it seems they spend the majority of their time being “gay fairy godmothers” to other people’s problems, and then when they get a storyline, it’s Christian cheating on Olli with a girl. Which I suppose is “in character” now since he does it all the damn time, but, ugh, I’m tired of seeing that and I’m also annoyed that it basically translates into a “gay for you” situation, since Christian never seems attracted to other men. Oh, well.

      Luke and Reid!!! I love them so much still! I had a mini-revival for them in my heart a week or so ago. I haven’t watched any of their scenes, though, in ages and ages.

  1. I stopped watching when Nana stopped putting out the translated edited bits. I know someone else took it on, and also that there was quite a bit of upheaval since then, but I can barely remember what they were anymore.

    1. I stopped watching for a long time after they got married (the first time) because spoilers indicated stupid stuff on the horizon. Then I came back and watched through them getting the child they were fostering and losing it. Then I walked away again. Then I came back and watched parts of Christian’s (2nd? 3rd?) cheating storyline where he was banging the girl in the stables. Then I walked away again and didn’t come back until the other day and, alas, there just seems so little to salvage. They spend 99.9% of their air time being “gay fairy godmothers” to other people’s problems and when they do get a storyline, it’s always Christian cheating on Olli with a girl, which, as I said to cindergal above, seems plenty in character at this point since he’s done it a zillion times now, but it still annoys me that he’s never once seemed interested in another guy. It seems so “gay for you” instead of bisexual. (And, annoyingly enough, Christian identifies as gay and Olli, whom we never see sleeping with women, identifies as bi? DOES NOT COMPUTE.) Anyway, it ended up being a big bust in terms of whether or not I’ll keep watching. Boo.

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