So, I know there have been many mixed reviews about The Light Princess, but THIS REVIEW has convinced me that me and my BFF are the perfect audience for this particular show.

I’m just going to quote from it liberally, starting with the bit that made me think, “This show is clearly written for me and my best girl!”

“The whole production feels of one voice, as if a prodigiously gifted and deeply eccentric young woman obsessed with Victoriana and post-feminist comic books was released from her attic to be given free reign — and an unlimited budget — at a major theater.”

“The direction by Marianne Elliott (reuniting with much of her War Horse team) results in some of the most magical stagecraft I’ve seen in a theater. The scene where Althea floats into the arms of a prince from a rival land makes swooning seem understated and inadequate forevermore. Throughout the evening, puppeteers, animation and dancers converge in swirling tides like hormonal mood swings.”

“More interestingly, the show suggests that Princess Althea doesn’t simply need to learn to cry, but must come to terms with adulthood. Her flying above the world becomes a metaphor for the sometimes selfish and other times frightened flailing of adolescence — and a decidedly modern female adolescence at that — with symbolic references to drugs, eating disorders (in one of the plays funniest gags, if you can believe it), angry rebellion, sex and suicide.”

“The deeply felt, almost primal, production that results from such explorations is as beautiful, ungainly, powerful and too-smart-for-her-own-good as the heroine at its heart. And what a heroine she is — Rosalie Craig’s performance as Althea is magical, mercurial and physically astonishing; suspended in the air via multiple techniques for much of the show, she sings gorgeously and makes sense of even the densest passages.”

Yes, okay, so…who is buying these tickets for me? I need flights from the States to London and then tickets to the show itself. Santa? Are you listening? Santa??? *sigh* Oh, well. Sadness.

6 thoughts on “Someone Book Me a Ticket to London ASAP #thelightprincess #toriamos

  1. I’m so so so glad you mentioned this as I’m heading down to London for a conference and was thinking about what shows to see and I *have* to see this. So I will on Saturday. I know it’s not the same as you going, but I will write it up (probably at my main site,

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