Inspired by Eric Arvin, here’s five shuffled songs for Tuesday!

Diminished by REM

Jennifer Niceley

Truly, the next song was “Monster” aka “Strong Man’s Daughter”, an old original song that Jennifer recorded with my husband in his apartment, oh, five million years ago now. But, alas, no one has that song but me. I’m not even sure Jennifer has that song. So, uh, here, have some random Jennifer performance at The Family Wash in Nashville. You should eat there, by the way, if you haven’t ever. It’s yummy and one of my dearest people works there.

FWIW, none of Jennifer’s best songs seem to be on YouTube. She’s actually kinda fantastic. Check her out on Band Camp. Looking there, holy crap, it seems like my favorite albums of hers aren’t listed. Por que, Jennifer? Por que??

Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos

Hotel Plaster by Nicole Atkins

Settling by Tara McLean

Oh, man, haven’t heard that last one in years. It’s kinda a heart-breaker in that old, adolescent angsty way that feels a lot like autumn to me.

Welp, it’s been fun again! See ya tomorrow!


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