How to price your ebook.

I used the above link to try and figure out a fair price for Training Season. However, given that the book is 111,000 words, I felt that $3.50 was selling it short, so I opted for $4.99. I’m glad that the book is self-published, so I can experiment a bit with pricing. Does anyone else have thoughts on how I should be pricing Training Season?


2 thoughts on “How to price your ebook #ebook #writers

  1. Definitely don’t sell too low. Readers see that as a sure sign that the book is sub-standard. I started out pricing the Impulse books–which are half the length of yours–at $4.99 and eventually bumped them up to $5.99 because novels in this genre–around the size of the Impulse books or longer–seem to sell from $5.99 to $6.99. Given the fact that you’re a relatively new author, I don’t know if you get mark them at $6.99 but $5.99 should still be acceptable.

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