Oh my goodness! This is such a fantastic review of Training Season from The Novel Approach! I’m over the moon!

The Novel Approach

“Every day we walk away from once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, chasing after other once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. We just have to hope we’re choosing the right thing to chase.” – Leta Blake

You know, sometimes this review business boils down to nothing more than read this book. But while that tells you what to do, it doesn’t say anything at all about why you should read it, which is really the most important part about sharing the love of the books we read.

Leta Blake’s Training Season is a just-read-it kind of book for me. First of all it’s a “ripped right out of the headlines” story, considering what gay athletes are facing in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, and Matty Marcus is just that—a gay athlete—but not only is he a gay athlete, he’s a flamboyantly and unapologetically gay athlete, which, in the world of figure skating may not be unheard of…

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