I’m in the mood to shuffle up some medication. Ha! That was a total Freudian slip. I meant to type music, but you know what? Music is often my medicine.


Brothers On A Hotel Bed by Death Cab for Cutie
For some inexplicable reason, Joss Whedon and the lead singer from DCFA are somehow morphed into one person in my mind. It’s like when I listen to this song, I see Joss, then Ben Gibbard, then some combo of them. Then my brain will supply some insane thought like, “Gosh, he writes good music and made Firefly. Amazing.” For that split instant, the connection of these actually unrelated good things makes the world feel solid and complete.


As Lovers Go by Dashboard Confessional
Okay, aside from the complete misuse of the word cavalier in this song, I love it like whoa and always have. (I’m pretty sure he meant chivalrous? I’m not sure, but cavalier is hysterically wrong in that particular lyric. “I’ll be true, I’ll be useful, I’ll ‘show a lack of proper concern’, I’ll be yours, my dear.” Ha! No!) Regardless, it appeals to my not-so-secret pop sensibilities.


Soul Cake by Sting
A favorite holiday song of mine. Love it and want a bunch of other artists to record it too. Though Sting’s arrangement is pretty great.


Better Than Love by Hurts
Yay for 80’s revival. Hello Depeche Mode-influenced fun. I miss this sound and it’s nice to hear some new, decent songs with that old vibe from my childhood.


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