The store where Matty and Rob buy Anja’s necklace, just before Matty’s bratty little fit on the sidewalks of Missoula, truly exists. It’s called Butterfly Herbs and my BFF insisted that I put the store into the book. She went to it years ago and declared it the best smelling store she’s ever been inside. It apparently had some unforgettable jewelry in it along with the most delicious tea she’s ever had.

According to some reviews on Yelp, the store has some really excellent items on the menu as well. Ann says:

I really love their chai ice cream float, made with Missoula’s own Big Dipper Cardamom ice cream.  In addition to being a great local coffee shop, this is an awesome store for gifts, carrying an assortment of soaps, herbs, teas, chocolates, and jewelry.

I loved this review of the shop by Bradley:

While some places in downtown Missoula are hipper, cooler, or more raw, BH is by far the cutest shop on Higgins. From the fancy and creative display windows to the old style pressed-tin ceiling to the wall of herbs and loose teas stored in glass jars, to the smaller items for sale in front and the bistro espresso bar in back: you’ll find yourself oooinhg and awwing a lot around here.

Not Hello Kitty cute, mind you: cute in an aromatherapy, herbes de provence, lapsang souchang sort of way. Cute in an urban hippie crossed with Montana home remedy kind of way. Many of the teas are from Montana Tea and Spice, including such awesome blends as Montana Gold, Wintermist, Wild West, Night on Glacier Bay, and Evening in Missoula. The green teas are excellent – organic hairpoint, for example – and there are some great things for do-it-yourself potpourri, if you are into that sort of thing.

All of which is a little weird, I realize.

But weird is what Missoula is all about.

Jennifer W says:

Wonderful and unique local business.  I love their range of teas, their delicious sandwiches, and the bulk herbs and spices.  Plus, what’s not to like about a place that smells fragrant and fantastic as soon as you walk in the door?  The decor is cool– an amazing ceiling and lots of old wood.  There is an eclectic feel to the place– local art on the wall (like a fuzzy sweater with a label made of masking tape that reads “Burr Sweater $$) and uber-stylish baristas who each possess a unique and colorful fashion sense.  This is a great place to come on a cold rainy day and warm up with a pot of tea– I like the rose-mint.

Needless to say, when I make it to Missoula, I’ll be stopping by this place for sure. Have any readers been? What’s your favorite thing about it? What’s the best thing on the menu?

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