When I wrote the first draft of Training Season in 2010, it was a world before Fifty Shades of Grey, and I thought there would never be an audience for a book like this. So I shared it with some friends and some fellows in interests and put it out of my mind.

In fact, when I entered 2013, Training Season was far from the front-burner of my attention. I hadn’t truly thought of the book in several years. On December 31st of last year, I never would have imagined that the upcoming year would close with me having worked through twelve drafts of that old book, and I never, ever would have imagined that it would create so much buzz and be so generally well-received!

The end of the year has been full of surprises both in my personal life and in my writing career. It’s almost like someone had my life set to slow-motion and they suddenly hit fast-forward. Like a shot, Training Season was out of the gates and rounding the bend of the track before I even had time to realize the race had started. Um, yes, that was cliche ridden sentence. Go with it. I’m sorry.

All of this to say, THANK YOU so much for giving Training Season a chance, for embracing it with an enthusiasm I could never have imagined, and for reading the work that I imagined no one would be interested in. Thank you for being my readers. Thank you for laughing, learning, and crying along with Matty and Rob. Thank you for being so generous in your sharing of your love far and wide, on Goodreads and Amazon and blogs. Thank you so much for everything. I can’t express how exciting and humbling it’s been to see people respond to my work.

May you all–each and every one of you–be blessed with a beautiful, joyful, successful New Year!

Training Season can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, ARe, and Smashwords. Coming soon to iBooks.


4 thoughts on “Thank You To Readers! You’ve Made My Year Amazing! #2014 #grateful

    1. Aw, man, I’m not sure any book I ever write will receive this kind of unexpected reception, but I’ll take even a third of it. LOL! 😀 Thank you for your help and input and support!

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