So, I have a bunch of books that I’ve not read yet. I’ve decided that in addition to the ones I’m sure to purchase/read with my kid/beta read/edit this year, these are the fifteen I’m going to commit to clearing from my shelves. Ten e-books and five paperback books. I suppose I should start with my Currently-Reading list on Goodreads.


1.  Let the Right One In – I was reading this last year and then some horrible violence involving children took place and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I feel like it’s worth finishing. Will give it another whirl.

2. Mind Fuck – I’m sure I’ll end up loving this series like everyone else, but at the moment I’m struggling with finding the characters likable. They’re hot, sure, but likable? Not so much yet. That will likely change. Also, uh, hello non/dub-con! That is definitely something I often enjoy, but when I stopped reading I was in the mood for something sweeter than that. I’ll come back to it.

3. Bone-mend and Salt – I’ve been meaning to read this for awhile now but have been daunted by the size. I read the first page or two several times and then would think, “But maybe I just need a fast read.” I’m sure to love this, though, once I commit myself.

4. Blood Beneath the King – Ginn Hale, yay!!

5. History of a Pleasure Seeker – I have no idea when or how I bought this book, but I’m enjoying it so far.

6. Blame It On the Mistletoe – I bought this for a Christmas read, but then got distracted by Training Season marketing. I’ll read it this year.

7. Drowning Guard – I have no idea where I heard of this book or why I bought it, but Imma gonna finish it.

8. Safety Net – My friend loved this and bought it for me, so I’m going to read it!

9. And Then There Were None – I’ve never been a huge fan of mysteries, but I’m writing one (or two) and so I need a better idea of pacing, suspense, etc. Who better than the master to help me with that?

10. Cocaine Blues – Another mystery.

Alternate: Caveat Emptor — research for a book

Paperback Books


2. The Back Passage  – I bought this forever and an age ago. I should read it. Get if off my shelves.

3. Dull Boy – If I recall the protagonist was a bit unlikable in the first few pages, but maybe he grows on you? We’ll see.

4.  Beast – Because I own it and I should read it.

5. Microserfs – I’ve had it many years. Should read it.

Alternate: Cavedweller – Yay Southern Lit. Let’s get depressed!


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