Jeremy Abbott’s gorgeous long program for 2014 Nationals. He clearly deserved the gold after this performance and the short the other day. Not perfect but really beautiful. As a totally whatever aside, I personally could have done without the wanky electric guitar solo in the music itself, but the performance and choreography was fantastic.

6 thoughts on “Jeremy Abbott – 2014 Nationals – Free Skate #figureskating

    1. I did!!! It was awesome! If he had a quad, I suspect he’d be considered a stronger contender, but alas! No quad! But he’s quite the show-stopper, isn’t he??

      1. I don’t know all the technical skating details and lingo, etc., I just know that this kid GRABBED me and I had tears in my eyes during the last 15 or so seconds of his program. And when everyone stood and cheered, I did too! Something about him… We’ll see! πŸ™‚ SUPER PSYCHED!

        1. He’s amazing and really connects to the crowd, that’s for sure! I’m psyched, too! πŸ˜€ Funnily enough, when you commented, I was preparing another blog post about him with this link! LOL! *high five* Great minds! And great skater!

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