StrainStrain by Amelia C. Gormley

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The last 20% of this book, especially, is really damn amazing. Obviously, all of it is good, but around the 75-80% mark, I started having that feeling of, “Oh, God, noooo. I’ve just gotten completely involved and invested and now it’s almost overrrrr.” That’s one of the best and worst feelings, isn’t it? Because there’s never enough book left at that point.

I’ll admit I had a few niggles about emotional continuity, some logistics, and a few other things, but then I have to ask myself, “Leta, when do you not have niggles?” And the fact is, I do most of the time, so I have to throw those by the wayside and look at the bigger picture. Which is:

a) Amelia Gormley has created a really excellently drawn post-apocalyptic world with believable zombies and a believable fuck-or-die situation. That’s a pretty difficult thing to accomplish and she does it superbly and with her usual beautiful, descriptive writing style.

b) The characters of Rhys and Darius are interesting to watch unfurl, and I only wish there had been more of that. I did feel that there weren’t enough scenes of them together not fucking (or before fucking). More scenes like the shaving scene, for example. But I have a feeling that I might be in the minority on that count. Generally, I’m a fan of more scenes…editors and other readers seem to be fans of less scenes. So, I dunno. But see, that just means I’m greedy. They are interesting characters, and I’d have loved to know more about Darius’s past especially. For a forty-something man who’s lived through hell, we end up knowing relatively little about his life. So, hey, SEQUEL??? I’ll be waiting here. *chinhands*

c) The sex scenes were always hot (though, again, I could’ve handled a bit more non-con or a gangbang, which, uh, frankly, this situation called for, no, SCREAMED for, but we can’t always get what we wannnnnt, sang our friend Mick) and definitely got me a bit glassy-eyed and red-faced. Whew!

d) The emotional crisis near the end was deeply moving and I wish the pace had slowed there just a little to allow me to savor it a bit more. BUT, wow, did she ever rip my heart out (in the good way!!) with that big coming-of-age moment that, uh, no one should have to ever experience. *holds Rhys forever*

3) Loved the diversity in the book. Strong women, people of color, etc, etc. Nicely done. Strong showing! 😀

4) The villain was truly despicable and yet believably so and, even better, not cartoonish because we’ve all (unfortunately) known someone like this dude. Good villains can be hard to draw.

Basically, I loved this book and shifted some responsibilities around to read it in a big, fat hurry because I was so into the world she’d built and so curious about the characters. I would love to see more in this universe, like with anyone at all from this world, and more with Rhys and Darius, too. I highly recommend it and think everyone should start sending Amelia emails demanding a sequel or three. 😀 Go forth! Buy and read!

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3 thoughts on “Review of Strain by Amelia C. Gormley #zombies #gay #dystopia @ACGormley

  1. Thank you for the lovely review. I’ve been meaning to email you for weeks on a ton of other stuff, but releases and PR and stupid health stuff are keeping me perennially behind on, well, just about everything.

    It’s interesting how many people comment on wanting to know more about Darius’s past. I definitely fell down there, if so many people are noticing the lack. Definitely a failure in the writing, though honestly? Darius was pretty closed-mouthed about it with me. Almost all of them were. I think Delta Company has some sort of “don’t look back” mentality they’ve had to adopt.

    Strange, how the only person who was (reluctantly) forthcoming about his past was Joe, who more than anything wishes he could forget. I think it’s because Joe actually has closure. He KNOWS what happened to the person in his life from before. The rest of them don’t. Their families are probably dead, and even if they’re alive, the people of Delta Company will never see them. Either they lived in parts of the country where Delta Company won’t ever get back to, or they’ve made it to the Clean Zone and Delta Company will never see them anyway.

    I wonder if it would drive them crazy, if they let themselves think about it too much? Wanting to know and knowing they never will and the temptation to try to find them, and knowing that even if they did, their presence would put the people they love in danger.

    I think that is what I needed to explore more. And I think if I ever do revisit Delta Company in a sequel, that will be a large part of the focus.

    1. Oh, those crazy characters, not always being so forthcoming!! 🙂 I understand that for sure. I’m definitely looking forward to any sequel you bring forth in this universe. There is a lot to explore for sure! *high five* Good work and good book, my friend! 😀

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