Well, hello there! I used to know how to use this site to do this cool thing called blogging, but then I decided that I needed a break because I had too much on me, and now I’m sitting here looking at this blank page and thinking, “What the hell do I do with this?”

I suppose I should mention that I’m going to have a book out very soon. I can’t decide if I should release it the last week of May or the first week of June. I feel like May is a better month. It sounds happier and it’s six months from when I released Training Season. But, realistically, if I want to have ARCs out, finalize the formatting, and not mess anything up due to a panicky rush, then I should probably set it lose in the wild the first week of June.

I’ve had people ask me what this book is about and each time I flounder. Of course I still flounder on how to talk about Training Season, too. I was at Rainbow Con (which deserves a post of its own!) and a lovely woman named Vicki was looking at a print copy of Training Season. She looked at me and said, “This is your book?” And I said, “Yes. I wrote it. It’s about…things. In a book. That people seem to like.” She looked at me like I was mad (which we all know I am) and smiled politely before putting the book down and walking away. So, yeah, saleswoman I am not!

But, this next book is totally different from Training Season. It’s shorter for one thing and it’s got zero enemas in it, which, hey, will please many folks, I’m sure. I swear I did not drink any liquor on my lunch break, just some kind of power-greens fruit juice thing which might have made me high? I don’t know. Anyway, there’s no figure skating, no ranching, and no D/s dynamics to speak of! And absolutely zero toilets! I promise!

That sells it, doesn’t it? You want to buy this book now, don’t you?

Um, let me try again. It’s a comfort-read featuring the ever-beloved amnesia trope! And a boxer! And a vlogger! And there’s romance and gay lovemaking and a kooky, cliche (in the good way) psychiatrist! And there’s drama! And angst! And hurt-comfort! And squishy, lovable, adorable characters who just make you want to hug them until they come to their senses and do their lives right! (Well, I feel that way about them anyway! And I hope you do, too!)

And if that doesn’t sell it, just look at this cover! I mean, guh, yes? When I send Dar (the cover artist) the back blurb (which is being crafted lovingly by Kathleen Tudor!), I’m going to see if she can’t pull him down just a tad so my name isn’t all up in his eyebrows. I think that will make it easier for me to make a nice little advert out of the cover later when I need one. Anyway, this cover is lovely, isn’t it? He’s looking at you and he’s saying, “Buy  me. I’m an amnesiac. I’ve forgotten things and need to relearn them. You can watch me LEARN ALL THE THINGS. *cough*”


Hey, readers, I’ll be out during the last week of May or the first week of June, whatever my crazy author decides. In the meantime, I’ll be right here, looking like this, and you can visit anytime.

Well, lookie there. It seems I remembered how to use this thing after all! Just like riding a bike!

6 thoughts on “I Used To Know How To Use This Thing #blogging

  1. Oooooooooooo yeah. I’ll be all over it. So happy to read your update. The cover is gorgeous. So the boxer is the amnesiac? He got bopped in the head too many times? CanNOT wait. I will buy him for sure. And I will love him and hold him and make him mine. May would be amazing, June’s fine too but … you know…. The Sooner The Better in my humble fangirl opinion. Because I definitely want to watch him Learn All The Things. Because that’s always the best part. ❤ ~Beth

    1. Haha! Beth, you made me laugh! 🙂 I agree that sooner is better, but I also worry that I’ll fudge it somehow if I rush. And I hope you enjoy watching him learn all the things! *evil grin* And, yep, it’s the boxer with the amnesia! Head injuries are bad things, you know? It’s a very different book from TS. I’m excited about it but also nervous, too. *bounces*

  2. He looks so adorable and lost at the same time that I have legit reason to say : ” I had to take him, he followed me home! “. 🙂
    Looking forward to new book!

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