I’m over at Cassidy Crimson’s blog today with a Book Excerpt from The River Leith! Check it out! 😀

Cassidy Crimson's Blog


I’m hosting an excerpt from gay contemporary romance “The River Leith”. Have fun reading!

Book Excerpt

“Zach,” Leith said, turning and looking him in the eye. “You asked if there was anything else you could  bring me.”

“Yes.” Zach leaned forward. “Anything.”

“Can you bring some photos?”

“Of your father?”

“Yes, and some from my life these last three years or so? I got a card from a girl. Naomi? An ex-girlfriend, Arthur said. I don’t even know what she looks like. Maybe if I saw her picture…”

Zach pressed his lips together and nodded slowly, his eyes flickering. “Sure. I’ll bring them tomorrow.”

Zach’s eyes made Leith think again of the kinglet’s wings as they’d shimmered in the sunlight. “Thanks.” The air in the room felt heavy. He grabbed the item on top of the basket, keeping his tone light. “This is the cheese I want to marry, huh?”

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