Another excerpt from The River Leith is up at The Book Daily. It’s different from the first chapter excerpt that went up the other day , since I excised the prologue. Basically, this excerpt is the prologue, but it lays out the situation and problem of the book. If you’ve been curious about whether this book is right for you, this might help you decide!

The Book Daily


Excerpt time today. I’m hosting a snippet from gay romance “The River Leith”. Enjoy the excerpt.

Book Excerpt

Memory, as it turned out, was both everything and nothing. It had no substance, no form, no weight, and no color. It was described, in technical terms, as deposits of proteins within cells of the brain. However, these were words that at their heart were as mysterious and ultimately magical as any other metaphor used in an attempt to understand the concept: memory as a storehouse or set of books—a way to keep track of life’s checks and balances; or memory as meaning—a mode of life, and a way of being.

Leith knew now that all these metaphors and all these words boiled down to one thing: memory is the sum of us, the total, and if it is divided, then we are lost.

There were other people in the occupational therapy…

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