I’m over at Jamie Lake Novels today with an interview about why I have a pen name, why women love m/m, Matty Marcus, Leith Wenz, and more! Check it out! šŸ™‚



Leta Blake spends her days writing, sometimes to the point of forgetting to do chores. She is best known for her novelsĀ The River Leith andĀ Training Season. No matter what she writes next, her readers will eagerly await the novels to come.

What gotĀ youĀ interested in writing m/m fiction?

Well, Iā€™d say my interest in m/m goes way back to my childhood. My earliest fantasies that I spent long periods of time indulging and expanding on were around Batman and Robin. In this pretend play, I was Robin and Iā€™d been kidnapped by bad men, and Batman would come rescue me, and then hold me and kiss me and basically be in love with me. I was five. And my m/m thoughts and preferences just grew from there. But as far as writing m/m fiction goes, Iā€™m a graduate of the fandom school of slash writing, likeā€¦

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