Today I’m at Editor Charlene’s blog with more from Zach from The River Leith. He’s telling us about himself and Leith, what draws them together, and a bit about the book from his perspective. (It’s also different from the Flash Fiction I posted yesterday.) Go have a look-see and check out what Zach has to say! 🙂

Editor Charlene


I’m hosting a guest post today for the book tour for gay romance “The River Leith”. Enjoy the guest post!

The Running Zachariah

(a word from Zachariah Stevens, a character in The River Leith)

I’ve always thought that some people are fighters and some people are runners. Leith’s always been a fighter. He fought for his addict dad, he fought in the ring, and he fought hard when it came to figuring out his sexuality. But, see, being a fighter isn’t always good. Sometimes people get hurt that way. Leith knows that all too well.

The way I see it, the main difference between a fighter and a runner is in their instincts. A fighter attacks the problem, clings to it, rolls around and wrestles it into submission. This is one way Leith hasn’t changed since the injury: he’s still going to wrestle with his demons—and my demons—until he’s beaten…

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