“It’s the newest book in my mom’s Rain City Comedy of Manners series, Artemis in the Desert. Just in time for beach reading, bed reading, park reading, weekend reading, airport reading, or really any kind of reading there is. Like the other books in the series Nine Volt Heart–likeable rock stars, and The Grrrl of Limberlost–punk rock nerd girl coder it features strong female characters, crazy bad guys and such lush backdrop descriptions that you’ll wish you were there inside the book well except maybe camping in the cold rain in the desert, you won’t wish for that but you’ll really feel it. And like all her other books, even though I’ve already read it a couple times in various stages of completion I’m going to read it again now that i can just enjoy it.”

Find out more about Annie Pearson’s books via not far from the tree part one | Ajax Bell.

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