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Rape fantasies. Many of us have em, and don’t know what to think about them, though most of us probably think they are inappropriate. One article published in 2009 in the Journal of Sex Research found that 62% of women in the University of North Texas fantasized about rape, 91% of whom said those fantasies were entirely or somewhat “erotic.” (1) So what’s the deal? Rape is absolutely repulsive, so what about it in fantasy makes it so sexually charged?

Have you ever kissed someone and felt…well, nothing? That’s because it’s not our lips that makes us feel excited, it’s our brain. If we’re not attracted to someone, we can feel their lips touch ours — and YES there are receptors on our lips — but that doesn’t mean the sensation is going to transduce into the perception of excitement. But what about when we feel that the…

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