“I didn’t set out to create something problematic, yet somehow I ended up with a very long story divided into four books with teenage main characters who have lots of graphic sex in a historical setting featuring a non-historical version of slavery as a prominent fantasy element.Despite their ages, it’s definitely not  a YA book.

Despite the detailed 1900 setting, it’s not entirely historical because, hello, there are slaves. Because there are slaves, it’s a fantasy, but it’s certainly not classical fantasy with magic or dragons.  And despite the presence of slaves, it’s not a BDSM story.  All of these things are marketing problems.Of course, none of this seemed like it would be an issue while I was writing the books.”

via finding an audience | Darrah Glass.

Darrah is really hopeful she can strike up a dialogue with other authors who have successfully navigated the marketing of something that is quite outside any prescribed box. If you’ve got information or advice, click on through!

3 thoughts on “A Call for Help! #marketing #outsidethebox #fantasy finding an audience | @Darrah_Glass

  1. As a long-time reader of sf/fantasy/mystery/crime/romance and other genres, I wouldn’t call herGlass’ series fantasy, I’d call them ‘alternate universe.’ Alternate universe is an old, well-established sub-genre of sf, and readers familiar with that sub-genre would expect and be comfortable with a well-researched, turn-of-the-20th-century New York city with one major difference from the historical city. njs

  2. Hi, Nancy. I definitely agree that it’s an alternate universe story. One of the problems I discovered when I was preparing to sell the book, however, is that booksellers have no Romance/Sci-Fi or Romance/Alt Universe category. They *do* have Romance/Fantasy, however, and I thought it was important to stay with Romance because of the erotic content of the series. I am quite certain I would have had a lot of complaints and returns if I’d tried to sell the book as a Sci-Fi/Alt Universe story, even though alternate universe is a better description for it than fantasy.

    Of course, it only occurs to me now that I can still talk about it as an alt universe, even if I can’t categorize it that way on Amazon!

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