Love that TNA is sticking to their guns and moving away from star ratings.

The Novel Approach

Sneak PeekHappy (almost) New Year, everyone! We’re bringing 2014 to an auspicious close, with some great reviews and guests dropping by to help us ring in a brand new year.

Before I get to the schedule, though, I want to do a quick recap of our Best Books of 2014 selections, and offer a congratulations—not to mention our gratitude—to all the authors whose hard work and dedication to their craft brought us so much joy (and sometimes sorrow) this year. And, P.S., there’s also time to enter some of the giveaways.

I also want to share a slight change we’ll be making to the review system here at TNA in 2015. For those of you who missed my blog post about the ratings system a month or so back, in short, I am not a particular fan of it. The purpose of taking the time to write a review—deconstructing a plot…

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