Oh wow! Ellen Gregory reviews Smoky Mountain Dreams, Training Season, AND The River Leith at her blog! ❤ Thank you, Ellen! So happy you enjoyed the books!

Ellen Gregory

Yet again, I read a fair few books in December. In fact, I’ve become somewhat addicted to nose-in-kindle and am at the point where I get a little agitated if I try to take a break.

Seriously. I wasn’t joking in my last post when I said I’d spent every day since Christmas on the sofa with a book. Some days/evenings I tried to stop upon completion of the latest novel, but then the next moment I was downloading a new book on to my kindle. (That Amazon one-click ordering is dangerous!)

So, yes, the December tally is looking hefty.

However, I do intend to follow up this post with my 2014 top 10, so I will TRY to keep this brief… but somehow that doesn’t always work. [No. It didn’t work… oops]

(NOTE: In keeping with the theme for 2014, all books in December seem to be…

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2 thoughts on “What I read in December

  1. Heh – yeah, I read them back to back in the days after Christmas. They made me very antisocial. I don’t really think I did them justice on my blog though – it’s hard ‘reviewing’ so many books all at once. But I really did love all three. 🙂

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