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Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for a newer series I have gone crazy for: The Ganymede Quartet books by Darrah Glass. I reviewed the first book, A MOST PERSONAL PROPERTY, before and it’s a really interesting, fun, sexy read. A PROPER LOVER is the second in a series of alt history/historical books where slavery still exists in the year 1900, and wealthy people purchase same-sex slaves for their adolescent children, so-called “companion” slaves, to allow for disgorgement of sexual tension in a “healthy manner.” The protagonists are teen boys, but this is an ADULT book. There is boatloads of graphic gay sex, which doesn’t trouble me a whit. You are hereby warned.

A Proper Lover (Ganymede Quartet, #2)About the book:
What does it mean to belong to someone?

Henry Blackwell is the happiest he’s ever been, and it’s all because of his companion slave Martin. Every experience, whether it be mundane or…

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