When I went on up to Gatlinburg to work on Smoky Mountain Dreams last June, I took some pictures of the town and my little rented condo. Not all the pics are awesome, but they’re all being shared here. 😀

Driving toward Parkway, there was this view of the mountains through my car windshield. 

Driving up the mountain to Gatlinburg.


The little condo. 


Oy, this is a bad pic. But I wrote most of the book on that sofa with my feet on that ottoman. 


The view out the window. IMG_5300 IMG_5303

Now on to Gatlinburg itself! 




The taffy stretcher and piecer. 

This is IMG_5272

This is a thing that exists. For real. IMG_5260 IMG_5254


The chair lift over the creek before it ascends up the mountain.




Because OF COURSE.IMG_5282

The shady drive to my condo.IMG_5281

So, I think what we learned from this is that I’m a shoddy photographer. 😛 And that Gatlinburg is weird. 😀

2 thoughts on “Photos of my writing/research trip to Gatlinburg, TN | Smoky Mountain Dreams Bonus Material #extras

  1. I have pictures of Gatlinburg back in the 70’s when my mother honeymooned there for her 2nd marriage. It is weird how much it still looks the same, but different.

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